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About Humming Bird International Play School

Hi I am HAMMIE – the curious, adventurous and friendly character, very similar to your child, whom kids and parents recognize as the face of Humming Bird International Play School.

Now I’ll guide you through the Humming Bird International Play School. So come and discover what makes Humming Bird the first choice of parents and kids alike.

My Motto

Education, Exploration and Enrichment.

A foundation for excellence, our curriculum focuses on Education

Playing, exploring, enjoying and learning every second is what we at Humming bird aim to do.

We firmly believe that child’s imagination must be stimulated by providing enough opportunities to grow and develop while playing, listening, watching, reading and writing.

Humming Bird – Your child’s home away from home.

This would be the first time your child will be stepping out of home and the protection of your warmth & care. So it’s very important that the child feels at home in what will be his first out of home environment.

At Humming Bird International Play School, we have taken special care to provide an environment that helps your child’s over all growth. Emphasis has also been laid on the comfort of the children, which reflects in –

  • Colorful themes
  • Edge free funrooms
  • Non toxic, colorful, soft and safe flooring.
  • Non toxic toys
  • Furniture appropriate to age group.
  • Interactive media and puppets that combine to make surroundings playful and fun to be in.

Not only this…
Each and every child is precious and gets the love and warmth of well trained teachers and staff.

The staff at Humming Bird firmly believes that every child is special, and strives to make the child comfortable in his new environment.

Over all we offer your child a completely secure, caring and safe environment, an environment which fosters freedom, meaningful play, interaction, independence and most importantly a love for learning which cats the course for his lifetime of learning .

What we offer…

We provide apt programs which foster development with integrated approach, help your child grow not only intellectually and mentally but also physically, socially and emotionally.

Our curriculum is packed with sensory, concrete and real world experiences where young learners can feel i.e. they can touch, see, hear, taste and smell, hence striking a perfect balance between playing and learning.

Humming Bird offer both Pre-preparatory and Kindergarten programs.

Pre preparatory

Our guiding principle for the pre preparatory program is to help your child garner the skills required to succeed not only in school but also in life. Our program introduces your child to a structured day with various group interactions, stimulating activities and other opportunities creating curiosity as your child traverses the road to discovery and learning.

At this age children are always ‘in moment’ imbibing information through their senses.

In order to cater to the need of your child, our pedagogy and monthly themes have been based on sensory experiences related to real world. Most of the time your child will be singing, dancing, playing, exploring and enjoying each and every moment both indoor as well as outdoors.


Our Nursery program focuses on essential skills such as pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math, pre-science and social skills through natural and logical sequence which encourages children to learn through baby steps.

To keep the curriculum focused and teach key academic skills there are monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities.

These concepts also help your child in understanding the world they live in. The activities encourage curiosity, self-initiative and persistence.

Art, Music, dramatic play and social interaction help each nursery child to explore creatively and build self esteem.

There are accomplishment achieved by child and each accomplishment fills these kids with pride and desire to learn more.

They realize that they can do it and our pedagogy makes it easy and exciting.

Kinder Garten

Humming Bird Kindergarten is an extension of your child’s quality learning experience that begins with our pre-preparatory and Nursery programs, and aims at preparing him for formal school education, thus ensuring a smooth transition from pre-school to primary school.

The meaning of Kindergarten is children’s garden and we strongly believe that learning must be fostered in an environment equivalent to garden. An environment conducive for learning helps a child in blossoming.

It’s a scientific fact that at this age children learn faster when they actually experience it and feel it. We follow the touch and feel model thus making learning easy and fun. Beside this we focus on over all development of the child through an integrated learning process.

We have designed a place where your child would love to come daily.


At Humming Bird L.K.G. we motivate the child to understand his inner potential besides playing, learning and growing.

We also encourage your child to observe and be aware of the surroundings. We at Humming Bird emphasize on developing language skills and make child confident in vocalizing and verbalizing their thoughts, feeling and impressions of the world surrounding them.


In Humming Bird U.K.G., we lay emphasis on building vocabulary and applying the concepts which children have already learnt in Humming Bird L.K.G.

Kids learn to read and write, using innovative learning methods and tools designed specially for this age group.

We use child centric approach, keeping in mind individual capacities and capabilities.

The major focus is on enhancing the attention and learning span of your child with a view to accelerate learning potential and prepare then for existing studies in the future.

Education Exploration Enrichment